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little captions

a good little caption
can add a thousand more words.

This blog is purely fantasy, nothing more.
It contains short stories including: incest, DD/lg,cheating, forced, public sex, bi-sexual, lesbian, and many more... I have tagged everything to be easily found and also blocked with tumblr savior, please use wisely!

Please feel free to use the directory. Enjoy.

NSFW This blog contains adult content.
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I do not own the rights to the images here, unless noted.
Sep 7 '14

Anonymous asked:



i feel like you’re trying to say something.

Jul 26 '14

i just miss being fucked hard, choked, and screaming Daddy, it hurts!

Jul 1 '14

so lonely tonight.

Jun 5 '14

Where’s Daddy going next princess?  That’s right.


Where’s Daddy going next princess? That’s right.

(Source: nurglelove)

May 19 '14

Anonymous asked:

Would you ever fuck your real dad?


May 18 '14

i haven’t spent any time on this blog lately, i am so sorry. i just have not been inspired at all lately.

message me if you want my main blog. i post more there.

May 8 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi do you have a daddy little one?

no :3

May 3 '14
So tight for Daddy.

So tight for Daddy.

May 3 '14

Anonymous asked:

love your blog! although i do miss the captions you write that go with the characters in the directory :(

i need to get inspired again.

i know. :(

Apr 21 '14